Foley Freeze wins Shepherd District

After a quick turnaround from the Troy District, The Foley Freeze traveled to Shepherd, MI to compete in their third district of the season. After ranking 3rd in qualification matches, they joined the 1st seeded alliance with Team C.H.A.O.S. from Holland, MI and their third partner, The Vestabots from Vestaburg, MI. The alliance of two seasoned veterans and one rookie faced off against the 8th, 4th, and 3rd seeded alliances to secure the District Championship.

This is the third District Championship of the 2017 season for The Foley Freeze. Out of the 4000 teams competing in the FIRST Robotics competition this year, they are now 1 of the 10 teams to have won 3 or more events playing FIRST Steamworks.

In addition to winning the event, Foley Freeze also received the Entrepreneurship Award, being noted for their strong team organization and SWOT analysis.

Foley Freeze will next compete at the Michigan State Championship April 13th-15th at Saginaw Valley State University.