2017 Awards:

  • Winner of the Gull lake District
  • Spirit Award at Gull Lake District
  • Winner of the Troy Dstrict
  • Quality Award at the Troy District
  • Winner of the Shepherd District
  • Entrepreneurship Award at Shepherd District
  • Finalist on Consumers Energy Field at Michigan State Competition
  • Innovation in Control Award at Michigan State Competition
  • Quarterfinalist at Daly Division at St. Louis Champtionship
  • Quality Award at Daly Division at St. Louis Championship

2016 Awards:

  • Creativity Award at Center Line District
  • Innovation in Control Award at Troy District
  • Imagery Award at Windsor Regional
  • Excellence in Engineering Award at Windsor Regional
  • Winner of the Windsor Regional (against 50+ teams)
  • Excellence in Engineering Award at World Championship Carver Division
  • Finalist at World Championship – Carver Division

2015 Awards:

  • Innovation in Control Award at Southfield District
  • Innovation in Control Award at Midland District
  • Innovation in Control Award at Buckeye Regional

2014 Awards:

  • Winners of the Buckeye Regional (against 50+ teams)
  • Winners of the Troy District (against 40 teams)
  • Michigan State Championship Quarterfinalists
  • Captain of #3 alliance at World Championship
  • Imagery Award at Howell District and Buckeye Regional
  • Entrepreneurship Award at Center Line District
  • Industrial Design Award at Troy District
  • FIRST scholarships: Ryan R. (Kettering)

2013 Awards:

  • Imagery Award at Bedford District
  • Imagery Award at Kettering District
  • Imagery Award at Michigan State Championship
  • Entrepreneurship Award at Detroit District
  • FIRST scholarships:Jack G (Kettering); Nikki T (Lawrence Technological University)

2012 Awards:

  • Western Michigan District: Finalists
  • Troy District: Quarter-finalists
  • FIRST scholarships: Jeff H. (Kettering); Michael P. (Kettering)

2011 Awards:

  • Traverse City District Quarter-Finalist
  • Best Website Award (Traverse City)
  • Troy District Quarter-Finalist
  • Xerox Creativity Award (Troy)
  • Michigan State Championship Semi-Finalist
  • Judge’s Award (Michigan State Championship)
  • FIRST Scholarships: Nikki L., senior (Grand Valley State University)
  • MARC Finalist

2010 Awards:

  • Innovation in Controls Award (Kettering)
  • Ranked 2nd; First Seed Alliance and District Winner (Kettering)
  • Innovation in Control Award (Troy)
  • Second Seed Alliance and District Finalist (Troy)
  • Michigan State Championships Semi-finalists
  • Newton Division Quarter-finalist at World Championship
  • Tennecco Engineering Inspiration Award (MARC)
  • Safety Award (Kettering Kickoff)
  • FIRST Scholarships: Chris H., senior (Kettering)
  • Top Score Award (Kettering Kickoff)

2009 Awards:

  • Kettering University Quarter-finalists
  • Detroit Finalists
  • Xerox Creativity Award (Detroit)
  • Xerox Creativity Award ( Troy)
  • Troy Semi-finalists
  • #4 Seed (Michigan State Championship)
  • Michigan State Championships Quarter-finalists

2008 Awards:

  • Great Lakes Finalist
  • Great Lakes Judges Award Winner
  • Western Michigan Semi-Finalist
  • Woodie Flowers Western Michigan Winner
  • MARC Finalist
  • IRI Judges Award Winner

2007 Awards:

  • Western Michigan Semi-Finalist
  • Xerox Creativity Award (Western Michigan)
  • Curie Division Champions at World Championship
  • MARC Champions
  • ARC Top Seed
  • ARC Champions
  • Robot Design Engineering Excellence (Kettering  Kickoff)

2006 Awards:

  • Western Michigan Regional Finalist
  • IRI Champions

2005 Awards:

  • Great Lakes Quarter-finalist
  • Western Michigan Semi-Finalist
  • Newton Division Finalists at World Championship
  • Newton Top Seed

2002 Awards:

  • Great Lakes Highest Rookie Seed