Foley Finishes as Finalists of the Consumer’s Energy Division at MSC

After winning three district competitions, The Foley Freeze were finalists in the Consumer’s Energy Field and brought home a silver medal at the Michigan State Championships on April 13-15th. The team was seeded as the first alliance with FRC 217, The Thunder Chickens and FRC 4237, The Lance-A-Bots. The team was also awarded the Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation for an innovative control system and use of control components.

The Freeze has had a successful run leading up to the State Championship and was the only team in the state to win three competitions. At the Gull Lake District, Foley earned a blue banner and the FCA Foundation Spirit Award after being picked by the seventh seeded alliance consisting of FRC 5623, The Robotic Rams and FRC 5675, The WiredCats. At their second competition, the Troy district, Foley brought home a second gold medal as well as the Quality Award sponsored by Motorola, seeded as the seventh alliance captain with partners FRC 818, the Steel Armadillos and FRC 5460, Strike Zone. At the final qualifying competition, the Shepherd district, they again emerged as champions, seeded third and being picked by the first alliance FRC 74, Team CHAOS and also picking FRC 6582, the Vestabots.

The Foley Freeze is now preparing for the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, MO on April 27-30th, where over 400 qualified teams compete. These teams are divided up into six divisions; the respective winners all compete against each other on the Einstein Field to win it all.